About IHS


Initiated by I-Professional Housekeepers’ Association along with Clean India Journal in 2016, the International Housekeepers' Summit saw the coming together of leading hospitality housekeeping associations from five countries – India, UAE, Qatar, Maldives and Vietnam. More than 25 suppliers and manufacturers of hospitality products partnered to reach out to over 200 delegates from various countries.

A unique fashion show of uniforms was organised which introduced a new look to hospitality attire.

The following year, four more countries joined and formed the Asian Housekeepers Association on this platform. IHS2017 also launched the first-ever Asian Housekeeping Awards which honoured the best housekeeper in Asia from among the entries received.

The second edition of ‘Uniforms a Fashion Statement’ gave the designers an international exposure.

For the first time, Buyer-Seller was organised to enable business meetings with all the delegates. More than 300 delegates attended IHS 2017 from 12 countries.

After two successful editions held at Sahara Star Mumbai, IHS 2018, for the first time, is being hosted outside the home country, India.

For more information visit: www.ihs2018.com